The taste of the Norwegian wild oyster is characterised by the pure water it lives in. It has a balanced combination of sweetness and minerals, perfect texture, and shells filled to the brim with clear, Norwegian sea water.

Norwegian Shores delivers oysters from the southern coast of Norway.
These oysters grow wild, at their own pace in the clean and cold waters of the North Sea.

A cleaner, healthier and more environmentally friendly seafood product simply cannot be found.

Being an invasive species to these shores, we have turned a problem into a sustainable resource – a perspective that is an important part of our mission.

In a world where resources are under great pressure, we apply
creativity, hard work and a strong belief that problems could be turned into solutions.

Therefore, our free-spirited oysters are packaged in 100% compostable material and delivered the same day they are harvested from the sea.

They can be purchased at an increasing number of restaurants, specialty stores and through caterers, who are equally passionate about local, wildly-grown quality food, as we are.

Wild Oysters from Norwegian Shores